CMS Website Development

At this company we offer intelligent digital solutions in the form of web development for better lead generation and brand visibility.

Front-End Development

Front end development mainly deals with the user interface layer of a site. Therefore, this governs user interactions, content delivery and the performance of sites through mobile sites, email campaigns and interactive systems. Considering this importance of front end development, we build email templates for front end development with the features like exciting design and interactive user interfaces.

The front end development services, in which we are expert include:

  • Responsive web development with CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Framework based UI development by using Boilerplate and Bootstrap.
  • Animated video production.
  • Node.js, jQuery implementation.
  • 2D/3D animation.

Custom Web Development

Sometimes, it becomes very much difficult to adopt out of the box and pre-packed web development solutions as per the business needs of people. But we still don’t believe in cookie cutter projects and therefore we always strive to offer custom web development service to our clients. Every website that we develop is completely unique.

The custom web development services in which we specialize in include:

  • AJAX/jQuery/Javascript
  • MS SQL.
  • XML, C#.
  • Google Maps API and other types of GIS technologies.
  • NET MVC, .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5
  • eCommerce integration
  • PHP
  • WordPress development and custom themeing

Open Source Platform Development

At Pay2Web, we specialize in offering customized and quality open source platform development services, which can successfully decrease the overall development costs of businesses while offering optimal website solutions with the best features and user interface. At this company, we always consider the open source technologies to create tailor made development solutions for our client websites.

The open source platform development services in which we specialize include:

  • Asp .Net Development .
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Yii Development .
  • Ruby on Rail Development
  • Joomla Development 
  • Drupal Development
  • Java Development .
  • Responsive & HTML5 Development .
  • AJAX Web Development .
  • Magento Development
  • Python Development.
  • PHP Zend Development 
  • Coldfusion Development  
  • X-Cart Development    

E-commerce Development

To develop a perfect online marketplace, it is necessary to have an experienced and focused eCommerce web development service. Considering this fact, at Pay2Web, we change the buying experience of people by integrating features, which can actually speak volumes about the brands of our clients. Besides, here we also offer customized eCommerce development solution for our clients.

The eCommerce development services in which we specialize include:

  • Magento eCommerce web development
  • eCommerce web development.
  • osCommerce eCommerce web development.
  • WooCommerce eCommerce web development
  • PrestaShop eCommerce web development.
  • Opencart eCommerce web development
  • BigCommerce eCommerce web development

Mobile Development

If you are in search of native or custom apps on any mobile platforms or if you prefer cross platform apps for your business, then Pay2Web can help you to build those. At this mobile development company, we help our clients to create seamless experiences for the web applications on the mobile devices by using CSS3, HTML5 and responsive design.

The mobile development services, in which we are expert include

  • iOS development
  • Blackberry development
  • Android development
  • Windows development
  • Cross platform mobile application development

Web Application Frameworks

By choosing the web application framework development service from Pay2Web, the business owners will never face a hard time managing the influx of new users as their businesses grow. At this company, we have a team of web application framework developers, who been using both non-blocking and event driven web application frameworks successfully to develop apps, which help our clients with scalability, speed and performance.

The web application frameworks development services, in which we are expert include:

  • CakePHP development service.
  • Codeigniter development service.
  • Node.js development service.
  • AngularJS development service.
  • Drupal development service
  • Flex development service.
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